No Such Thing

by KaySaints

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leak of Since....


[Verse:1 Kay Saints]
Said i been riding around my city with that title on my waist
Said i should be headlining but the titles in my way
New beginning fully driven,hit the throttle take no breaks
Plus i know that whip I'm driving make you feel some type of way
Been fully noted that I'm braggadocios, still ass deep as any poet
Not one cent to my name stole your dime and you ain't even know it
No ones innocent, put the devil in this bitch, then introduced her to the life because there's levels to this shit
You see me now popping up loved in my city I'm feeling so popular
Making moves behind the scene like i was the phantom of the opera
Everyone is asking they say they want answers cuz they see me plotting bruh
Tell them i say stay tuned, Ima take over soon, just know no one is stopping us
I know niggas that fuck with me i know bitches fucking
I know niggas ain't able to live out they fables, don't tell those tales in public
You'd think we were fans of slavery the way that we love whips and chains
And the way a nigga running his campaign you'd think he was competing with John McCain

Man i been getting money where the fuck you been, dreams becoming reality I'm so convinced they they say you work too much i said theres no such thing,they say your turnt up i said there's no such thing

My girls came with they girls, i told em come right in, these bitches are looking right we about to get it in,they say you smoke too much,i say there's no such thing, they say you drink too much, i say there's no such thing

Man I've been walking around my city with that crown all in my head
Took a few steps back to look at the bigger picture ahead
They say my scriptures are embedded the very second they're read
You other niggas giving headaches your best beheaded instead
I greatly appreciate the compliments, I'm confident
I contemplate how to make my competition feel incompetent, enough of it I'm dominant get lyrical and still hype shit
But to be honest, i just do that shit when i feel like it
Every rose has thorns when it rains it pours my nigga that's just the way life is
These niggas is all my sons and I'm killing every which one call difus
Since the beginning they told me i would be winning how you a saint and you sinning thats the biggest contradiction
I tell these niggas listen how you ignorant but judging me you make less sense than an anorexic bitch with double ds
I adapt to niggas so i can attack you niggas, i don't carry gats and i don't carry straps
But if i did it would sound like a round of applause when i clap you niggas


released October 14, 2013
Prod. By Johnny Juliano



all rights reserved


KaySaints Union City, New Jersey

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